Wire Grip Puller ST-3J Fence Tool - Heavy Duty 1604

Wire Grip Puller ST-3J Fence Tool - Heavy Duty 1604
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  • Item #: HT-WGTG20115K

2200lb. Proof Load 3/32" to 5/8" Wire .The Milwaukee grip offers total wire and cable-pulling capability for the fence, power utilities, telecommunication, ranches and many other industries to pull wire and cable, and to maintain temporary tension until it can be permanently terminated. These grips are to be used for pulling up lines to tension only and are not to be used as anchors. New swing lock latch to hold cable in the jaw. Great for wire rope, 9 gauge 3/8" cable, and EHS Fantastic product. Product sells as fast as we get them in! Lightweight, especially economical hard working grip. Solid and stranded bare wire from (7/64", 2.5mm) to 5/8" 16mm Thick.

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