TOOLGUY Next Generation 6.2" Capacity Utility Band Saw

ABS-NG160 Band Saw
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  • Item #: EL-BS-ABS-NG160

Next Generation Premium Band Saw

The ABSNG160 is the saw to own for large capacity sawing of larger pipe.

Capacity: 6.2" W x 5.5 H 5.9" Round

Miter: 4.7" W x 3.9" Left @45degrees.

Semi Automatic. Start the pipe cutting and walk away. Auto shut off after pipe is cut.

Adjustable 19.6" Stop

Dry Cutting

Adjustable Light to Heavy Cutting Force.

Easy Blade Tensioning system with Clutch safety.

Manual head lift and manual vise.

One Way 45 Degree Miter

Variable speed

NG Reverse Band rotation

Weight: 88 pounds.

Comes with spare parts Kit and In-Depth manual.

Extra Blades can be purchased here: BL-BS160114-000-00-0-000

1 year Parts Warranty

Recommended Blade: BL-BS160114-000-00-0-000 (1/2" x 68-1/4" x .035" 10/14 Staggered Tooth)

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Price $2,498.00

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