Rebar Cutter 1"

1" Diamond Carbide Rebar Cutter
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  • Item #: DR-RL-100-190

The 2008 Material and Removal Product of the Year

The newest in Toolguy innovation. The NEW Rebar cutter Works in a regular Rotary Hammer! Available in 9" and 18" overall length. Uniquely durable and aggressive. Sub-micrograin carbide tips. Laser welded with Integrated ejection support for removal of reinforcement from drill body. Only product of its kind! Made from the Highest quality German Steel. Made for use in SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drills with engaged hammer action.

How to use:
Step 1: Drill with normal Toolguy Rotary hammer drill bit until rebar is encountered. Stop Drilling. Remove Drill Bit. DO NOT CLEAN HOLE.

Step 2: Change to the New Rebar Cutter. Use Rotary Hammer mode. When finished, remove Rebar Cutter.

Step 3: Continue Drilling with regular rotary Hammer drill.

Its that Easy!

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