New Ceiling Pliers

New Ceiling Pliers
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  • Item #: HT-PC8S

New 8" Square nose Ceiling Pliers. Hand ground, The only pliers to use when installing T-BAR Ceilings. Hard grip jaws. Dual heat-treated cutting teeth, The best pliers money can buy for installing suspended Ceilings. All pliers are able to bend a #12ga. Wire to hang the grid, but this is the only pair of pliers that can cut a square end on the wire at 4 different locations. The square blunt cut reduces the injury factor 1000 to 1. Great for tying 12 gauge wire and giving you more leverage. Square nose for getting into tight places. Cuts 12 gauge wire on 4 sides to give you an even safe cut.. The most effective, safe and fastest way to install suspended ceilings. Simply the best product on the market for suspended ceilings. This product sells faster than we can make them. (case 40) Retail $49.50

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Price $25.50

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