4-1/2"x.040 x 7/8"arbor Premium Metal Cut-off Wheel

4-1/2"x.040 x 7/8"arbor Premium Metal Cut-off Wheel
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  • Item #: CW-M4120407

Super Thin 4-1/2"x.040x7/8" arbor cut-off wheels. New technology delivers significant increase in cutting, speed and number of cuts. Constant cutting speed without kickback. Less cutting dust, noise and vibration.  Contaminant free wheel contains <0.1% iron, sulfur, or clorine for rust free and corrosion free cutting. Fantastic product for stainless steel and heat treated metals. Double reinforced. Steel arbor reinforced. Used on both air and hand held electric grinders. The best 4-1/2" super thin cut off wheel money can buy. Lasts 3-6 times longer then anything we have tested and so much safer to use. Flex balanced for hard to reach cutting. Retail $3.49

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Price $2.69
200 or more $1.38 each

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