22oz. DEAD ON ZEROvibe Hammer

22oz. dead on steel hammer
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  • Item #: HT-HDO22SF

New 22oz. ZEROvibe Dead On Steel Hammer · Patented tuning fork design “ZEROvibe” eliminates most vibration before it gets to the handle. · Innovative Underneath Magnetic Nail Set – We took our original nail set idea and turned it upside down to provide better accuracy and safety. · Unique Front of Head Nail Pull – Ar patent pending design that makes quick work of pulling nails. · Stronger Shaft – Our patent pending “I –Beam” design creates incredible shaft strength. · Precision Balance – Our overall weight-to-length ratio creates the same perfect balance all Dead On hammers are known for. Dead On Steel Model DOS22S · Head Weight: 22 ounces · Handle Length: 14 inch · Handle Style: Straight · Overall Length: 16 inches · Overall Weight: 1.9 lbs

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Price $49.98
4 or more $29.99 each