2 Ton Extra Heavy Duty Chain Hoist 10' Chain

2 Ton Extra Heavy Duty Chain Hoist 10' Chain
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  • Item #: CH-2T-10
2 Ton Extra Heavy Duty Chain Hoist comes standard with 10' Chain for all heavy duty purposes. Design standards are steel formed cases with stock overload protection to protect mechanics of damage. Brake mechanism supported device safety once load work has stopped. Double cover protection to protect casings from moisture and dust with double ratchets for optimal performance. Mechanics include load chain guide and stripper for proper chain alignment into chain hoist also powder metal bushings for long lasting efficientcy and a slack end achorage to prevent accidents from over lowering. Chain made of an 80 alloy especially calibrated for hand chain block useage. Both hooks are hot forged heat treated and swivel with safety latches to secure loads. 2000 lb. compacity. ISO90002 approved.
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Price $279.95