1/4" -1" Pipe Threader Kit GREAT DEAL

1/4" -1" Pipe Threader Kit GREAT DEAL
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  • Item #: HT-PTH141

Comes complete with 5 threader dies 1/4" to 1", 2pc ratchet handle and a 19" High Torque wrench handle. Reversible ratchet drive die wrench for smooth and easy cutting.

Great for new material or repairing existing threads.

Heat treated Steel teeth with an enclosed ratchet head. Set contains 1 ratchet threader. 1 - 19" Extension bar. 5- NPT Dies, 1/4" NPT (18TPI), 3/8" NPT (18TPI), 1/2" NPT (14TPI), 3/4" NPT (14TPI) and 1" NPT (11-1/2TPI) and Steel storage case.

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