Tool Bags

Safety Helmet With Hearing and Face Protection | 4 in 1

Safety Helmet With Hearing and Face Protection | 4 in 1

Guard your head from potential injuries from falling or flying objects, low-hanging obstructions, and other hazards by wearing hard hats. They combine a durable outer shell that resists punctures and an interior suspension frame that creates a...

  • Price: $49.98
  • Sale Price: $39.97


aggressor pocket knife

THE AGGRESSOR, From ToolGuy A fantastic pocket knife to own. 440 Black Stainless Steel 3" Blade Ploy-Carbonite camo handle. Comes with seat belt cutter or rope cutter and glass breaker. Quick release thumb flip...

  • Price: $29.98
  • Sale Price: $19.87

Thunder Grip Toolguy Construction Gloves

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If you need a Grip - I'll give you a GRIP YOU WILL NEVER FORGET. Silicone Internal Palms and fingers. When you lock that velcro around your wrist, you will feel like a NASCAR driver or a Fighter Pilot.

  • Price: $38.88
  • Sale Price: $19.99

Toolguy Super-Utility Backpack

Toolguy Super-Utility Backpack

The Toolguy super-utility backpack.

  • Price: $39.99

TX Series by Toolguy

TX Series by Toolguy

This Toolguy Super bag is our featured bag of 2012. This multipurpose bag is all you will need for overnight travel, transporting tools, clothes or as the perfect gift item. 600d.x600d. Heavy duty polyester, featuring an adjustable shoulder strap...

  • Price: $39.98
  • Sale Price: $34.97